Ronnie’s Wedding Recap: Who Got Drunk, Who Was a No-Show, and Who Definitely Didn’t Have Sex in the Bathroom

Howard’s longtime limo driver tied the knot on Friday and delivered a surprisingly heartfelt speech

October 16, 2023

Ronnie Mund has officially said goodbye to the single life as the 73-year-old Stern Show stalwart married his longtime fiancée, Stephanie. Just because he tied the knot, however, didn’t mean he forgot how to have a good time. His wild Las Vegas wedding weekend began with a welcome party, which many staffers attended. Not only did Ronnie celebrate his guests’ arrival with cocktails and multiple skull-themed outfit changes, but he and his bride-to-be went out on the town afterward.

“After the welcome party, which we extended an extra hour … a car came and picked us up and we went to a [strip club],” Ronnie said, explaining that while he didn’t get a lap dance from a stripper he did enjoy watching Stephanie get one. “We didn’t get to bed until 5 a.m.”

Howard was curious to what degree his longtime limo driver consummated his new marriage.

“[There was] no sex on Friday night, I can tell you that,” Ronnie replied, explaining that while the couple was intimate after visiting the strip club earlier in the week they were a bit too tired after their wedding.

Most shocking for many Stern Show staffers were the heartfelt vows Ronnie wrote and delivered on his wedding day.

“I got emotional,” staffer JD Harmeyer revealed.

“A lot of people [cried],” Ronnie added. “I got choked up myself.”

His colleague Jason Kaplan saw it a bit differently “I think the bar was set kind of low … and when he choked up it did hit you a little bit, but I think the vows themself, they were fine — they were a little bit silly,” he said.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Ronnie was happy to read his vows on the air and let people decide for themselves. “This is what I felt, and this is what I wrote. If you don’t like it, tough shit,” he said before sharing his vows—which contained more construction metaphors than anyone expected.

“This day our wedding day has completed the construction of our building … we can take away the bulldozers, the cranes, and say we’ve done it, we are complete,” Ronni said in between sniffles, later finishing with “I love you baby girl and can’t wait to say ‘I do’ to my best friend.”

“That’s beautiful,” co-host Robin Quivers remarked.

While Ronnie’s wedding was largely drama free, a few of his colleagues did manage to get into some trouble on their own.

Memet Walker was supposedly overheard getting frisky with his wife in a bathroom stall during the reception. However, he came on the air Monday morning and denied that rumor, explaining his wife couldn’t use the bathroom without him helping her take off the elaborate outfit she was wearing.

JD got very drunk and fell asleep in his fancy clothes after Ronnie’s wedding. As for Benjy Bronk, he didn’t make the wedding at all despite R.S.V.P.’ing that he would be there.

Chris Wilding didn’t hook up with anyone, though he tried. Sal Governale roasted Ronnie with a blistering wedding toast but was otherwise on his best behavior. And his partner-in-crime Richard Christy didn’t get too drunk at any point, much to everyone’s surprise. In fact, he left one event early to watch a family-friendly Halloween movie.

All things considered, the staff largely behaved. “It turns out it wasn’t so fucking crazy when the whole crew went to Vegas,” Howard marveled.

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