Jon Blitt Organizes an Exclusive Dinner Party Ahead of Ronnie Mund’s Las Vegas Wedding … And Only Certain Staffers Are Invited

“You can’t invite everybody,” the Stern Show staffer says

October 3, 2023
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Ronnie “the Limo Driver” Mund’s upcoming Las Vegas wedding extravaganza was all anyone could talk about Tuesday morning as Stern Show staffers revealed what else they planned to do while spending the weekend in Sin City. From exclusive dinner outings coordinated by Jonathan Blitt to poolside parties hosted by Ronnie and longtime friend of the show Wayne Siegel, there were almost too many events to count.

“I don’t think they had this many events at [Prince] Harry and Meghan [Markle’s] wedding,” co-host Robin Quivers laughed.

In the case of Blitt’s bourgeois dinner outings, not every Stern Show staffer was on the guest list. “You can’t invite everybody,” he said. “I put together just a couple nice little soirees with people I want to hang out with.”

Staffer Mike Trainor was disappointed not to get an invitation, but Blitt said there was a good reason. “He’s a pain in the ass though with the check,” Blitt said, adding, “I want to have a fun, easy time for everybody.”

When it came to the pre-wedding pool party, meanwhile, everyone was invited but not everyone planned to go. “I have no desire to go to the pool,” staffer JD Harmeyer said, citing issues with everything from swimming to his own body image.

Swimming is only one part of a pool party, of course, especially considering Wayne Siegel and Ronnie had each booked poolside cabanas where everyone could drink, eat, and hang out.

“I got a favor I’m going to ask you,” Howard told Wayne. “This guy who works for me, Trainor—everyone’s turning on him. Would you let him into the fucking cabana?”

“Trainor, you’re in. Howard, it’s done,” Siegel laughed.

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