VIDEO: Ronnie and Stephanie Meet Their Elvis Wedding Officiant

Plus, Fred Norris has already sent his gift … a blank check?

September 13, 2023

The October wedding of Ronnie the Limo Driver and his longtime fiancée Stephanie is just around the corner and things are getting real. So real, in fact, that they recently met with the Elvis impersonator who will be officiating the ceremony.

“It’s crazy, the guy’s standing there full-on Elvis,” Howard observed Tuesday morning after seeing footage of the meeting.

During the exchange, “Elvis” broke down some of the logistics of the day, although Stephanie corrected him slightly when he referenced her father “giving her away.” “Nobody’s giving me away, I’m not a prize to be won,” she insisted before instructing how she wants to be referred to post-nuptials. “It’s not Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Mund, it’s Stephanie and Ronnie Mund if you’re going to announce us … because my name should be in there too.”

“See why I didn’t want a ceremony?” Ronnie joked at the time. “Too many rules.”

Both Howard and co-host Robin Quivers wondered if too much was being asked of the officiant. “He’s concentrating on being Elvis,” Howard said of the couple’s requests.

“You’ve got all these rules and Elvis is marrying you,” Robin added.

Still, the impersonator appeared enthusiastic about the big day. “This is going to be fun,” he proclaimed. “After you do the rings is there any pegging or anything?”

If Ronnie and Stephanie haven’t paid the Elvis impersonator yet they might be able to do so with the check Fred Norris sent the couple since it was blank. Despite Fred’s insistence that he gave the future Munds $500, Ronnie revealed otherwise.

“When it came, we thought it was a joke, we thought it was like some old checking account that you probably had that’s closed out,” he told his colleague. “We thought it was like, you know, that’s Fred, he’s being funny.”

After doing some digging, Fred confirmed it was a simple misunderstanding with his wife, Allison. “I was not trying to be funny, and I apologize,” he told Ronnie. “I wouldn’t fuck with you on that.”

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