VIDEO: Ronnie Mund Gets Heated During a Senior Wellness Check in New Phony Phone Call

“I want to speak to your supervisor, miss,” Howard’s longtime Limo Driver says, “You’re harassing me"

September 6, 2023

Las Vegas just endured another blistering summer, but it wasn’t the desert heat that left Ronnie “the Limo Driver” Mund hot and bothered over the break. On Tuesday morning, the newish Nevadan told Howard he was frustrated by a phony phone call he received from a Stern Show colleague in character as “Shirley St. Germaine,” a Senior Services worker tasked with helping the elderly survive the sky-high temperature.

The call began cordially, but Ronnie reached his boiling point after “Shirley” asked about safety bars on the swimming pool and whether he needed “meals on wheels.” “It does sound a bit like [you’re in] distress,” she then told him. “This could be a sign of heat stroke.”

“I’m being in distress because you’re asking me all these questions that I don’t want to answer,” Ronnie responded.

“Sir, please stay calm. We can send help if you need it,” she countered … just before asking about the color of his bowel movements.

“You are not sending anyone … What is your problem?” Ronnie insisted. “I want to speak to your supervisor, miss …You’re harassing me right now, okay?”

When “the supervisor” joined the call, she asked Ronnie if he was hearing impaired. “No, I’m not,” the septuagenarian staffer seethed before hanging up. “Do I have to call the police on you?”

“I was losing my shit, man,” Ronnie told Howard after he played the call for listeners. “She just kept going and going and going, man.”

“She’s checking up on [you],” Howard laughed. “I thought it was nice.”

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