VIDEO: Male Stern Show Staffers Attempt to Answer Basic Questions About Women

“Is that where they take the splitter things?” JD Harmeyer guesses when asked to define a pap smear

March 28, 2024

At least a few Stern Show members might need to crack open a sex education book. In honor of Women’s History Month, some of the male staffers on Tuesday were tasked with answering general questions about females — the results were mixed.

Kicking things off on a positive note, everyone but Richard Christy knew that it was possible to urinate with a tampon, although few seemed confident in their answers. “I’m just going to take you through my thought process. A woman shouldn’t pee with a tampon in probably because it might get like wet and really big or something, but … I say physically yes … they can pee with a tampon in,” Jason Kaplan correctly guessed.

“I only learned that a few years ago,” JD Harmeyer admitted.

JD also knew that a pap smear was a gynecological exam,but had trouble providing specifics. “Is that where they take the splitter things?” he guessed, referring to the speculum instrument.

“Isn’t that the guitar player in Foo Fighters?” Howard joked in a nod to Pat Smear.

When Mike Pearlman gave correct answers about women’s suffrage and bra types, co-host Robin Quivers was impressed. “It seems the most manly man here knows more about women than you guys,” she observed.

“Jason, you should have known that because you have a C-cup. Well, you used to,” Howard teased his staffer.

After missed questions about periods and manicures, things picked up when Jason correctly explained what a mammogram is and Ronnie closed things out when he knew Betsy Ross designed the American flag.

“You went to high school with Betsy Ross, right?” Howard joked.

Watch more of the staff demonstrating their knowledge of women (above).

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