Eric the Actor

Eric the Actor 's Bio

"Bye for now."

Discussion of who belongs on a Wack Pack Mount Rushmore will always garner a wide variety of names but any true Howard Stern fan knows that Eric the Actor should surely be included. At just 3 feet, 5 inches, Eric was the littlest member of the Wack Pack but his small frame packed a lot of opinions. Eric the Actor (née Midget) first called into the show in 2002 to tell Howard what a big Kelly Clarkson fan he was, at that time a contestant on "American Idol." With Howard's help, Eric's dream of being an actor became a reality with small parts on TV shows like "American Dreams," "In Plain Sight," and "Fringe." All of those programs have since gone off the air, leading some to call Eric a "show killer". One show that was undeniably better with Eric's presence though was the Stern Show.

In September 2014, we lost Eric. Our little guy died from heart failure at 39 years old. We will miss his calls, we will miss his cantankerousness, and we will miss his ability to make millions of people smile. Bye for now, Eric.

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