Stern Show Staff Plays ‘D*ck or Sausage?’ for Richard Christy’s 50th Birthday

“Two of them are cold and also one of them clearly has a pulse,” one staffer says after fondling the meats

April 8, 2024

On Tuesday the Stern Show staff embarked upon an adventure 50 years in the making as they gathered in the studio for a protein-packed game of “Dick or Sausage?” to celebrate colleague Richard Christy’s 50th birthday. Even Howard’s wife Beth was on hand to witness the event, which needed to be seen to be believed.

“Here’s Richard in his robe,” Howard said as the staffer strode into the studio. “Happy 50th!”

“Oh my God,” Beth laughed after seeing Richard’s outfit. “It’s too small, it’s too tight.”

Richard excitedly explained the rules of the game while beginning to disrobe. “I am going to put my dick on this cutting board along with four other sausages,” he said, “[The staff] is gonna come in and they’re gonna touch all five objects, and they’re going to let everyone know which one is the dick.”

“I don’t know what to say,” Beth laughed.

First in line was Richard’s longtime work pal, Sal Governale. “I’m going to let you know which is a sausage and which is his disgusting penis,” the staffer began as he felt the offerings in front of him. “That feels like a disgusting cock,” he said as he touched Richard’s member.

“He got it right,” Howard marveled as Sal copped an additional feel.

“Sal fluffed me,” Richard laughed before beckoning the next contestant — Stern Show executive producer Gary Dell’Abate — to take his turn. “Come get your wiener!” Richard told Gary.

Gary had little trouble separating man from meat as he correctly identified the penis.

“He’s correct,” Richard said.

“How could you miss?” Gary laughed.

Up next was staffer Chris Wilding, who had previously shared many a penis story on the air.

“If he gets it wrong it would be funny,” Howard laughed.

“I don’t know where I am. I don’t have my glasses on,” Wilding said while touching the offerings on the platter. “I’m trying to feel for veins,” he continued before offering his guess: “The last one was penis because it had that plumpness of a cock.”

“You’re wrong!” Richard said.

“What an interesting turn of events,” Beth added.

Chris was stunned. “I’m reevaluating everything,” he said. “I might be straight.”

Staffer Mike Trainor went next and had no problems picking Richard’s penis. “Two of them are cold and also one of them clearly has a pulse,” Trainor said.

Last up was JD Harmeyer. “Oh, oh, oh, oh — that wasn’t sausage,” JD said as he touched Richard’s penis.

In the end, only Chris guessed incorrectly, which left his colleagues stunned.

“Do you think you could get it on a second try?” co-host Robin Quivers asked.

“I would love to try,” Chris said. “I don’t even think that my brain kicked in on the first one.”

“Well, there you have it,” Howard concluded. “Happy birthday, Richard.”

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