Jon Hein

Jon Hein 's Bio

An expert of all things pop culture, Jon Hein first appeared on the Stern Show as a guest in 2000 to discuss his web site, Jon went on to sell that site to TV Guide for an undisclosed sum, but rumor has it the purchase price topped seven figures. Now a part of the show's full-time staff, Jon is very active on the Stern channels. He hosts The Wrap Up Show alongside Gary Dell'Abate every day following the Howard Stern Show. He can also be heard on Mammary Lane, Sternthology and other specials produced by the Howard Stern Tapes Team . Jon doesn't cause much of a stir compared to some other Stern Show staffers, but he caught plenty of flak when he disclosed that he never masturbates and that he received oral sex from an improbable-sounding number of women in his college years.

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