Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

January 21, 2005

Howard broke some major news this morning—FCC Chairman and nepotism poster boy, Michael Powell, will most likely announce his retirement later today (and now he has). Gary said that as soon as the story broke, a ton of reporters called in wanting to get a quote from Howard. Howard said he didn’t want to talk to the press about it. He said it didn’t really matter though, because with Bush in office Powell’s replacement isn’t likely to be any better. But he did make the following statement on the air this morning: “Michael Powell resigning is a great thing because he did not deserve the job in the first place. He was appointed because of his father. Michael Powell was no more qualified, perhaps less qualified, than the other members of the FCC and had no right to be there. It was strictly patronage and a pay off?And what does Michael Powell do when he gets to be head of the FCC? He squanders every opportunity! A billion dollars in tax payers money that was targeted for inner city schools and poor school systems so that computers could be place in the schools, squandered under Powell.

To make matters worse Michael Powell then said let’s put all the power into the hands of a couple of companies with radio and television. And lo and behold, all the politicians were against him. And in order to win favor with politicians, he went against his own statements about how the market place should determine what is said on the airwaves, that sponsors and listeners will determine what should be on the airwaves. He kowtowed and went ahead and started fining me unbelievable amounts of money?.And that made him the hero of the religious right and the liberal left, who were all looking to win favor with the public by making it look like they were cleaning up the airwaves?

Michael Powell’s legacy: Appointment by his father, a billion dollars squandered of the tax payers money, ruining the first amendment, going back on his own words about how the market place should determine. Putting the radio stations in the hands of the few?and he forced radio stations, blackmailed radio stations into bowing to his will by telling them secretly, you are not going to any court! You are going to have your licenses held up! Shame on him! Shame on the FCC! Thank God he’s gone, but God help us with what’s next.”