Even Benjy’s Food Reeks

March 18, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard said he really liked the new “Page Sixty Nine” that’s up on the website this morning. However, as Howard was discussing Gary’s displeasure at the page for poking fun at his weight gain, he was distracted by a foul smell in the studio.

Howard told Artie to get rid of whatever he was eating that smelled bad, but it wasn’t Artie who was eating, it was Benjy. Howard said Benjy brings out like an entire buffet of food everyday and it’s all gross. He said Benjy turns the studio into a bad restaurant. When he told Benjy to take the food into another room, Benjy said he was trying to eat the same food Howard was eating. Unfortunately for Benjy, Howard’s food never stinks like that so evidently his plan is not working out.