Howard Dreams of a Farewell Tour

March 18, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard excited a lot of his fans, and his staff, today by announcing he definitely wants to go on a cross country tour to say goodbye to all of his terrestrial radio audience. He said he wanted to do it while still at Viacom, but now thinks he might want to do it as soon as they let him go. He said the idea came to him the other night and he’d love nothing more than to go from town to town, staying with fans and visiting with as many people as he could. Howard wants to start off with three busses: one bus he’ll be on and it’ll be full of hot chicks and then two other busses also filled with hot chicks. Every fan can feel free to follow the tour from town to town in their cars. Artie said it would be like a Grateful Dead following minus the bad Grateful Dead music. Howard promised this will be the biggest party ever and he’s really looking forward to it. Fans started calling in offering their houses and services to Howard. One woman said Howard and the crew were more than welcome to stay at her home because she has a boat, a hot tub and a big house. Howard said he’d like to spend three weeks to a month doing the tour, with extended time spent in Las Vegas (of course). Artie said he was more than thrilled with the idea and said he wants to die on that tour.