Prognosis Negative

March 18, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Even though Artie hasn’t been feeling well, he hasn’t let that slow down his eating. Howard noticed Artie eating a bagel with butter this morning and asked if Artie has ever eaten just a plain bagel. Howard also said he feels bad for whoever gets in Artie’s way in the morning because Artie walks in like he’s on a mission to get to the studio and start eating his breakfast.

Artie said that’s because he has stopped eating after 3pm everyday and when he wakes up in the morning he’s starving. Meanwhile, Artie threw up yesterday so he’s still not completely over his illness. Howard read him a listener’s email that said he thinks Artie has Pancreatitis. The email stated Pancreatitis is pretty common among people who drink too much and eat a lot of oily foods. The emailer then listed the symptoms – abdominal pain right below the ribcage, fatigue, the runs, etc. Artie said he had all those things and what really scares him is the fact that he doesn’t have a fever. Artie said he knows he should probably cut out drinking, but considering he has a gig in Buffalo this weekend, he doubts he’ll start anytime soon.