All the Attention in the World

October 31, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard reminded everyone that today was his interview with Ed Bradley for the piece “60 Minutes” is doing about him and that tomorrow the show’s crew will take him back to Roosevelt to film him there as well. Artie pointed out that Howard must feel really important seeing as “60 Minutes” has devoted close to a week to his story. Gary added that, in the end, the program’s producers will have almost 25 hours of footage available to them for the 10-minute segment they’re putting together. Howard admitted that as much as he dislikes being interviewed, he does feel like the “60 Minutes” broadcast will give his career some validation. Howard then mentioned that another organization that has been giving him a great deal of attention lately has been Clear Channel.

Howard announced that he obtained a memo from the company outlining some of the strategies its stations should try to win over his listeners once he moves to satellite. After reading the 10-point list, Howard pointed out that the one item that was left off was that all regular-radio personalities will have to deal with strict FCC regulations, a fact that will all but destroy creativity and edginess on the air. Howard went on to say that the lack of government censorship on satellite radio is the main reason he decided to sign with SIRIUS. When a caller asked Howard if he was at all worried with the idea that satellite might someday be regulated, Howard noted that, since it’s a pay service, the United States’ Constitution would have to be rewritten in order for that to happen.