Plans Are Made to Be Broken

November 17, 2005

Howard began the show mentioning that tonight is his appearance on the “Late Show with David Letterman,” and that he hasn’t had the time to worry about it as much as he usually does. Howard went on to say that he revealed to Beth the secret he plans to share for the cliffhanger show, and that she responded it was something she never thought he’d share with people.

Gary commented that his wife was bugging him about his secret all night, but that he didn’t feel like getting into it with her, while Artie admitted that people have told him his secret isn’t that big a deal.

Tom Chiusano came into the studio and pointed out that he didn’t like the idea of the cliffhanger, because it will, according to his logic, entice people to leave regular radio and subscribe to SIRIUS.

After Howard assured Tom that Infinity wouldn’t lose a single listener because of the bit, adding that Tom has also taken issue with his plan to move some of his studio items to his new home during his final broadcast.

Howard brought up that his initial plan was to not show up for his last show and have that be his goodbye, but instead decided to put a great deal of effort into its planning to make it successful for everyone. Howard then said that the aggravation he’s forced to endure at the hands of Tom was too much to handle, especially because he’s giving his all so that Infinity can earn as much money as possible off his final shows.

Tom replied that his interference bothers him as well, but that Howard still can’t do the bits he planned.