Top 10 Evil Ways to Say Goodbye

November 17, 2005

Howard had Evil David Letterman into the studio for his last visit before the move to satellite. Before he got to Dave, Gary told Howard that during the last commercial break, he revealed two secrets to Will, but that only one of them was good enough to make the cut.

Gary added that he’d have to discuss the second secret with his wife before he agreed to have it announced on the air. Since they were on the topic of secrets, Howard wondered if Evil Dave had any skeletons in his closet. Evil Dave told some story about a cat and that the Ed Sullivan Theatre needs to be defrosted periodically, but that was it.

Being Tom to the End

Vinnie Favale, vice president of late night programming at CBS, called in to tell Howard how much everyone at the station was looking forward to his appearance on “Late Show” tonight. Following a disagreement between Howard and Vinnie about what time Howard needed to be at the Ed Sullivan Theater for the taping, Evil Dave assured Howard that he’d take care of the problem for him.

Tom then came into the studio and reminded Howard that his final decision was that he can’t do the cliffhanger on the last show without revealing the answers before he leaves, and that he won’t air Howard’s entire march to the SIRIUS building as Howard had hoped.

Howard again pointed out that Infinity management still won’t accept the fact that he’s leaving, and that they’re doing all they can to make his farewell as difficult as possible. To help ease the tension, Artie commented that he had a solution to the problem. He explained that they can reveal the secrets on the last show, announce which secret belongs to which person the first day on satellite, and that David Lee Roth, who will be replacing Howard in several of his markets, can read about it in the newspaper and give a report on his show. Despite Artie’s idea, Tom still insisted the bits were off.