Jet Rocks Out in the Stern Show Studio

Howard hopes to convince one band member not to marry too young

November 22, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

The Australian rock band Jet came in to play their hit single “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” acoustically for Howard and promote their album “Get Born.”

All the guys in the band are in their young 20’s and Howard was shocked to learn one of them is getting married to model Alexi Wasser. Howard was baffled as to why a young rock star would want to get married.

Chris Cester, the drummer getting married, said he never thought he’d be able to get a hot wife like that and doesn’t want to lose it. He said he didn’t even have to tell her he was in a band to hook up with her. He said he didn’t drop the “J” bomb until a month into their relationship. No one in the studio really believed that, though.

Artie Lange said he tells girls he’s in Jet all the time to try to get laid.

Howard tried to convince Chris not to get married and told him to at least get a prenup. But Chris said he knew what he was doing and said that not every marriage ends in divorce. Howard said they do when you’re 23 and in a rock band. Howard joked that Lexi will stay with him until she meets Lenny Kravitz. Howard was playing a sex clip when Artie chimed in that this was Lexi backstage with Nickelback. The guys in Jet goofed on Nickelback, making fun of how the lead singer sings like he’s in Quiet Riot.