Never Too Early to Pack

November 28, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard attempted one final time to get Tom to let him do his cliffhanger show on December 16, but Tom again refused. Even though Howard pointed out that he has already created enough curiosity in his listeners that his move to SIRIUS will be a cliffhanger in and of itself, regardless of what bits are done on the last show, Tom claimed that the revelation idea would promote SIRIUS to an extent to which he wouldn’t be comfortable. Tom also commented that he’ll let Howard walk a certain distance to his new home during the final show, but that he’d have to cut off his mic at a certain point as well. Howard noted that one thing he’s learned about Tom during their 20-year relationship is that he won’t give in.

Tom responded that wasn’t true, but that the proposals Howard gave him crossed a line. Gary then came into the studio and mentioned that Tom has been hinting that they will need to have the studio and their offices cleared out by the day of the final program. Tom acknowledged that workers will begin remodeling Howard’s studio for David Lee Roth shortly after the show is done, but he believed that the schedule would permit them to leave their belongings in the building until the week after the final broadcast. Howard informed Tom that he would come in during that weekend to start packing his possessions, but that he’d more than likely need an extra day or two to get everything.