No More Wondering

November 28, 2005

Artie commented that when Howard said they’d be revealing secrets on the final show, the job offer he received from Infinity was the first thought that popped into his head.

Since Artie mentioned the revelation show, Howard then announced that, because Tom Chiusano doesn’t like the idea of a cliffhanger, they won’t be making the revelations until they get to SIRIUS.

Howard went on to note that Fred, Gary and Robin still hadn’t told their secrets to Will Murray, who is judging each revelation to make sure it’s good enough for the game. Robin replied that she needed time to come to grips with what she was going to reveal, and that she was finally ready. Howard thought it was interesting that, during “The Roundtable,” Ralph Cirella wondered why so much trust was being put in Will.

Although Gary questioned Ralph’s own trustworthiness, Howard assured him that Ralph has always been good at keeping his mouth shut when it comes to his personal information.