Oscar Reviews

The show returned from last week's hiatus with a full review of the Academy Awards from last night. Howard didn't think that Chris Rock had done a great job hosting the Oscars last night. Howard thought the problem was that Rock couldn't commit to how he was going to handle himself last night. Rock should either have gone all the way and been himself or gone in the complete opposite direction and been what the Oscars wanted him to be; clean, safe and reverential. But Rock played it in the middle and no one here thought it was very good, except for Ronnie the Limo Driver who said he thought Rock was hilarious. Sal the Stockbroker gave Rock a mediocre rating of 5 out of 10 while Robin said that she thought Rock just never got into the flow of things. Howard also noted that Renee Zellweger, in his opinion, should not have dyed her black and should go back to being blonde. Some other observations the guys made: - Hilary Swank should have turned her dress around because it was completely open in the back and all closed up in the front. Howard said her back looked awesome but he would have loved to have seen some cleavage. - Howard thought Leonardo DiCaprio should have won Best Actor for the Aviator. Howard said that Leo is the real deal. - Halle Berry is treated like a queen at the Oscars but no one asks her about her hit and run incident. Howard said that if he ever interviewed the very first question out of his mouth would be "Are you still driving?" - Robin said Adam Duritz looked like a sell out singing and dancing and hopping all over stage during the performance of his Oscar nominated song.