March 31, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Gary set up the next clip, which was of Howard’s first appearance on “Late Night with David Letterman” in 1984, reminding everyone that Dave was giving Howard a national spotlight, even though he was only on WNBC in New York. In the clip, Dave said that Howard referred to himself as “the world’s worst disc jockey.” Howard responded that he gave himself the moniker because he didn’t like playing some of the musical artists he had to play – including Boy George, Julio Iglesias and Willie Nelson – adding that he instead preferred to do “honest radio.” Howard went on to say that he also liked shocking people, explaining that was the only way for him to get ratings. Howard then acknowledged that he was “shocked” Dave invited him on his show, announcing that if there were any other radio stations looking for talent, he was interested in hearing their offers. Howard said that he made the request because he didn’t think his bosses at WNBC would put up with his “nonsense” much longer, adding that he felt he’d be fired within six months of his appearance. Howard also discussed the fact that he was unhappy with members of WNBC’s management, because he believed they were making a disproportionate amount of money from his show compared to his salary and that they made him change his program after they hired him. Following the clip, Ralph pointed out that Dave and Howard had an immediate connection, while Gary observed that Dave was “chattier” and “much more relaxed” at that time than he is now.