Robin Quivers and Mr. X Taking Boating Lessons Together

April 4, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Robin commented that Mr. X was taking boating lessons with her, but that he’s still injecting his personality when he accompanies her. To illustrate her point, Robin recalled that, after her instructor, Capt. Dennis, recently gave a lesson and asked if they had any questions about operating a boat, Mr. X asked him what a “knot” was.

Robin reported that Capt. Dennis responded that a knot translates to about 1.65 miles per hour, but then called her later that night to say that his definition was wrong, and that a knot is only 1.15 miles per hour. Howard then noted that, since Capt. Dennis seems to be putting so much time into helping Robin learn how to operate her boat, he thought she should consider giving him a Visa Check Card.