Robin Quivers Gets in on the Back Door Conversation

April 5, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Robin acknowledged that she’s tried anal sex, but that she wasn’t thrilled with it. After Artie reported that he’s not interested in having anal sex with women, Tristan brought up that some women like to have their partners urinate inside of them during sex. Tristan added that, since urine is supposedly one of the cleanest bodily fluids, there’s nothing unsafe about the practice as long as both partners have been tested for STDs.

After Tristan showed Howard her breasts, she told him that she wrote an entire chapter in her book about anal pleasure for men. Fred responded that he wouldn’t want to engage in such a practice in any way because he was afraid of what it would lead to, while Artie added that “a finger becomes a c*ck pretty quick.” Benjy then mentioned that there’s a spot behind his scrotum that covers his prostate that, when touched, brings him great pleasure, so he wondered why penetration was needed to achieve the same result.

Tristan responded that, although Benjy was right in saying that both acts would lead to the touching of the same area, the stimulation is better when it’s felt internally. When Howard went on to ask Tristan if she’d ever bleach her behind, she said she wouldn’t, explaining that “we should love our asses just the way they are.”

Before she left the studio, Tristan announced that she recently signed “a huge contract” with Vivid Entertainment to become a contract director. Tristan proceeded to give Howard some anal-themed gifts, including a “Tristan’s Anal Fisting Club” t-shirt. Upon seeing the shirt, Howard told Tristan he’ll be sure to wear it around his kids.