Bobo Asks for Two Tickets on Top of Two Tickets

April 7, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Bobo called into the show and asked for two tickets to The Howard Stern Film Festival.

Howard replied that he could have them, but that Bobo could only attend the event if he promised not to wear his toupee.

As Bobo talked about his hairpiece, Howard announced that he got a note that said Bobo already had two tickets to the festival and that he was just trying to get more.

Bobo replied that he wasn’t sure if he already had passes to the event and promised Howard that he wasn’t trying to pick up extra tickets. After Howard admitted that he wasn’t happy with Bobo’s actions, he realized that he wasn’t sure where the festival was being held.

Doug Goodstein then came into the studio and told Howard that the festival will take place at the Hudson Theatre in Manhattan.