Advanced Age Doesn’t Mean Advanced Wisdom

May 9, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

When Rappin’ Granny came into the studio to ride the Sybian, she told Howard she’ll be 84 in August. After hearing how old she is, Howard wondered why Granny wanted to ride the Sybian and she said it was because it’d be “different” for her. Granny then revealed she last masturbated 30 years ago, which was when she had her most recent orgasm. Granny also commented she’s been able to remain so youthful because she’s had so little sex in her life. Howard wanted to gauge just how little Granny knew about her body, so he asked if she was familiar with her clitoris. Granny responded she did, in fact, know about her clitoris, explaining it’s where she gave birth to her son from. Granny then mentioned her first husband cheated on her, but her second husband was a good man who was with her until he died. However, despite their good relationship, Granny admitted even her second husband didn’t do much sexual exploring with her. In fact, Granny said she didn’t know what “doggy style” was, nor did she really know how a woman becomes pregnant. As Howard began explaining to Granny how a man impregnates a woman, Robin pointed out it was a little too late for her to be receiving such a lesson.