Beth’s Decision About ‘Dancing’

May 9, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard announced Beth had made up her mind about “Dancing with the Stars,” so he got her on the line to talk about it. Before Beth revealed her decision, though, Howard went around the room to see what everyone thought she’d do, and here are the responses: • Bob guessed Beth would do it, and end up breaking up with Howard and moving in with Dana because of it. • Gary said no because he didn’t think Beth cared enough about being famous. • Robin agreed with Gary, but said it was because of the strain of the travel to-and-from Los Angeles. • Artie also didn’t think Beth would do it, noting her career is already busy enough. • Benjy said he thought Beth would be on the show because of what it could do for her career. • Fred acknowledged Beth should do it because it’d be fun for her, but believed she’d say no due to her relationship with Howard. • Double A and another caller both guessed she wouldn’t go through with it. Beth commented she and Howard have never been better together, so her decision had nothing to do with him. Beth then revealed she’s not going to be on “Dancing with the Stars.” Beth explained she already has two television shows to handle and also wouldn’t be able to stand all the traveling she’d have to do for the program, all of which influenced her decision. Beth also said she loves her life at home, adding she didn’t want to give that up.