Howard Talks Bowie, Artie’s Hunting Trip, and Crazy Cabbie

February 8, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

The show started with Artie saying he had a great time yesterday at the SIRIUS Studios with the launch of the new Frank Sinatra channel, “Siriusly Sinatra.” Artie explained that not only did he love the music, but also the buffet table they had set up. However, Howard had a different point of view, noting he had to avoid the press that had gathered to report on the announcement.

Despite this, Artie added he was so excited about “Siriusly Sinatra” that he was now waiting for “the Dean Martin Channel” to be announced.

Howard then revealed he had his song picked out for the next karaoke competition: David Bowie’s “Heroes.” As Howard demonstrated his “Heroes” singing ability, Robin commented she thought he sounded like a contestant on “American Idol.” Gary proceeded to come into the studio to say there are more than 200 songs lined up for next Friday’s Howard 100 Music Special, which he said will last about 10 hours and be spread over the entire weekend, and will feature just about every musical performance ever done on the show. After hearing about some of the artists interviewed for the special,

Howard also noted there was another series set to begin on Howard 100 that focused on former members of the show, and the first would feature Billy West. This led Howard to admit he still wasn’t sure why Billy left, and Gary told him Billy was taking “baby steps” towards being interviewed on the show again.

Just Another Exciting Wednesday

Howard reported on playing another game of chess yesterday, and that it ended in “a draw.” Howard went on to admit it could take him his entire life to become a good chess player, which Artie said reminded him of a chess-related scene in “The Shawshank Redemption,” which he watched last week.

Howard then mentioned he watched another episode of “Battlestar Galactica” yesterday as well, and even recommended to one of his daughters that they get together over the weekend to watch more. Howard added, though, his daughter didn’t seem too enthused about the idea, and she suggested they go shopping instead.

Keep It On the Stage

Photo: Adam Bielawski / Photorazzi

Howard played clips of David Bowie performing “Heroes” at “The Concert for New York,” as well as the version of “I’m Afraid of Americans” he did at one of his birthday shows.

This led Howard to recall how amazed he was watching David singing the latter song live, even though he acknowledged he was disappointed David didn’t want to be interviewed following his performance.

This led Artie to point out there were times he wished he never heard some of his favorite musicians interviewed, acknowledging he even felt that way about Bruce Springsteen.

Thanks for Nothing

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard mentioned he went from not caring about Crazy Cabbie’s involvement in a porno shot in his KROCK studio – news he heard about for the first time in detail yesterday – to being angry. Howard then acknowledged he didn’t know if he could trust Cabbie again given this, while Fred thought Cabbie’s actions were “a sign of disrespect.”

After Artie compared sex in Howard’s studio to the story of a Yankee employee allegedly having sex with women in centerfield of Yankee Stadium, Gary came into the studio and said there were rumors a number of other people having sex in and around Howard’s KROCK studio as well.

This led Howard to discuss how he was treated toward the end of his show’s run at Infinity, noting the censorship became too much for him to handle. In fact, Gary even recalled how the station’s general manager, Tom Chiusano, who he noted wasn’t exactly a comedian, tried to rewrite some of Howard’s bits to make them more FCC friendly.

Howard explained how little he was respected at the end of his career at Infinity, adding that the company’s executives thought they’d be able to replace him with ease. Artie agreed with Howard, mentioning he was asked to take over the show, a request he immediately turned down…despite the $5 million salary he was offered.

Howard next addressed how he didn’t know who Bubba the Love Sponge was during his KROCK days, and how that drove Bubba nuts. Howard went on to say that since he and Bubba were now friends, they were able to talk about their past relationship civilly, and that Bubba still gets upset when he talks about not knowing there was a feud between them because he wasn’t really aware Bubba even existed.

Looking Out for the Animals

Photo: PRN / PR Photos

Howard brought up an e-mail he received from Sam Simon, a noted animal lover, who requested Artie not go hunting with Richard’s dad using a bow and arrow. Howard then read the e-mail and some of the facts about how cruel hunting is that Sam sent him. Artie then promised he wouldn’t go through with his hunting trip – unless he was able to use a gun.