Eric Shoots Another Great Idea Down

February 8, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

As Howard read e-mails about Eric the Midget, he called in to dispute the claim in one of them that he refused to fly with balloons in the studio. Howard then insisted he wasn’t afraid of being criticized by people if he allowed Eric to be roasted, as Eric has been requesting for two weeks, but instead thought he was too easy a target for the bit.

After Artie acknowledged roasting Eric would be “sad,” Eric referred to Howard as “a chicken shit” and demanded he stop being discriminated against.

However, Howard told Eric he had good judgment when it came to radio, and, since he didn’t think roasting Eric would be a good idea, it wasn’t going to happen. Eric went on to claim he didn’t like the show, and only listened to hear “dumb asses trying to be funny.”

Eric then named Ryan Seacrest’s radio show as the one he enjoyed listening to the most, even though he lived in an area of California that didn’t get the program.