Scott DePace Admits to Getting Punk’d By a Group of Nerds

February 13, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Scott DePace came into the studio and admitted he was yelled at by “nerds” recently while he was playing a game called Battlestations: Midway, and that he quit the game because of it. Scott then explained that he and the other players were able to talk to each other over their computer headsets, and claimed he was playing against people his age. However, Scott also acknowledged that, in some of the games he played, he knew his opponents were teenage boys, adding he sometimes talked to them about girls – but only when they brought up the subject first, and he usually told them he’d let them talk to his wife if they had those kinds of questions. Upon hearing that, Robin joked she wouldn’t be surprised to see Scott on one of thos children predator episodes of “Dateline NBC.”