Howard Goes Raw & Benjy Is Moist

February 13, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Today’s show started with a call from a listener who told Howard he thought he did a great interview with Artimus Pyle yesterday, which led Howard to read e-mails stating the same thing.

Howard added he’d had Artimus on the show once before, and that he figured he’d be even better on SIRIUS where commercials wouldn’t interrupt the flow of the conversation. In fact, Howard noted the only criticisms he received were that he rushed the interview with Artimus, but he also pointed out he devoted an hour to him, and that his interview with Paul McCartney only lasted 40 minutes.

Raw Is Better

Howard said he went to dinner last night with two of his daughters at a vegan restaurant called Pure Food and Wine, which he explained served only raw food.

Howard then noted he spotted an attractive woman he thought was a college student while there, but she turned out to be the owner of the restaurant. After Howard mentioned the woman gave him a cookbook she’d written, he also pointed out he ate sushi, lasagna and a hot fudge sundae, but that none of it contained any animal products.

Howard explained that one of his daughters is a vegetarian, which was why he took his daughters there. Howard added that he knew Robin would like the place, and suggested Fred and Artie try it out as well.

Wet and Ready for Marriage

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Upon seeing a picture of the owner of Pure Food and Wine, Benjy commented he’d been to the restaurant, and that he thought the woman was so attractive that she was “like a witch.”

Artie then told Howard to look at Benjy’s face so he could see “the droplets of water” that were forming on his face. Artie then demonstrated how Benjy used a sheet of paper to wipe the sweat off his face, noting he’d crumple up the paper and leave it right by him when he was done.

Artie added, “The kid’s great, I’m just saying his skin is moist.” When Benjy acknowledged the woman from the restaurant “wasn’t his type,” Howard asked if he ever planned on marrying his girlfriend, and he replied there was a chance. Benjy went on to say if he ever had a child, he’d like his girlfriend to be its mother.