The Perfect Book for Cheaters

February 13, 2007

Howard took a call from Elizabeth Sylvince, an author who wrote the book, “How to Cheat and Not Get Caught.” Elizabeth said she wrote the book because she was cheated on, and that she wanted to help cheaters get away with their misdeeds so they could save their relationships. Howard then noted he didn’t understand some of Elizabeth’s recommendations in the book, including advising cheaters to buy brand-new cars to avoid having their significant others spot them in public, as well as the one about “odor bombing” your house in order to get rid of any suspicious scents. Elizabeth responded that her first suggestion applied to only rich people, and that her second was supposedly more common than most people knew.

Elizabeth went on to note cheaters should rent a storage locker and a post office box to keep their cheating-related life completely separate, and also advised them to rent apartments for their trysts as well. Elizabeth then claimed she was “a life coach,” and that she made $600-$1,000 giving advice to help people cheat.

Following the interview, Howard took a number of calls from listeners who didn’t like Elizabeth. This led Howard to play a prank call Richard once made to a life coach on a public access show, as well as a new phony phone call of him using a male porn star moaning loudly during an orgasm and pretending that it was him being sick while speaking to a pharmacist.