New Diet Has Emptied Robin Out

June 7, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Dr. Roni came in to talk about Robin’s colonic yesterday. Howard asked if she watched Robin change, and Dr. Roni claimed she did not. They met in the room where the colonic is performed so Dr. Roni could analyze “the outflow.” Robin said Dr. Roni rubbed her feet during the procedure, and added that the colonic therapist also massaged her stomach.

Dr. Roni said that she got excited about what was coming out of Robin after about 5 minutes. Robin replied that they said she “was going like a racehorse”. Dr. Roni was glad that Robin didn’t have impacted waste, and everything seemed to be “loose”. Dr. Roni noted that Robin’s waste was brown and not dark, which would have concerned her.

Robin said she felt empty, like she’d “been cleaned out”. Dr. Roni said that at one point, nothing was coming out but gas bubbles, but they continued massaging Robin until more waste came. Howard asked if Robin had done the “jumping” yesterday.

Robin replied that waste was still coming out after the colonic, which Dr. Roni said was why they just did the infrared sauna wrap instead. Howard said it must’ve worked, as everyone on the staff thought Robin looked thinner today.