The New and Improved ‘Smart Paris’

June 28, 2007

Howard started the show by saying he watched Paris Hilton being interviewed on Larry King last night. Everyone agreed that part of Paris’ sentence should’ve been an interview with Howard.

When Larry asked Paris what she was up to now that she’s out of jail, she kept referring to the “constant board meetings.”

Robin said she loved the fact that Paris couldn’t come up with a favorite Bible passage. Howard played a clip of Paris talking about the prison food, saying “it wasn’t that tasty.” Howard thought feeding prisoners bologna loaf wasn’t right, not even if an inmate killed his wife.

Artie said he disliked the new, “smart Paris” just as much as the old, “dumb Paris.”

Howard played a clip of Paris claiming that she’s “almost glad it happened” and explaining her hospitalization for claustrophobia. Robin reported that Larry asked Paris what she doesn’t like about herself, and Paris said she hates how her voice becomes high-pitched when she’s nervous. Artie found this “hardship” and Paris’ claims to be a hard-worker particularly hilarious.