Global Warming: When the Bees Are Gone, We're Next

Howard mentioned he was watching "Real Time with Bill Maher" last night, and thought Bill made a good point about global warming when he quoted Albert Einstein, who essentially said "it'll be the end of the world when bees are gone." Howard went on to note he'd been hearing stories about bees "disappearing" in this country, while Robin added she was going to do a news story on the topic as well.

Howard then said he'd also read that cell phone signals were partly to blame for bees leaving, while also saying many conservatives have claimed global warming is "a myth" created by the left. Scott DePace, the show's resident conservative, proceeded to come into the studio to ask Howard "how warmer is it" now compared to this time of year in the past, but Howard told Scott that he didn't want to debate the subject with him.

Howard went on to take a call from his cousin, Richie, whose career was devoted to help saving bees, and encouraged people to visit his Website,, for more information on how to help.