Howard Confronts a Stalker

July 23, 2008

Howard got John, one of his stalkers, on the line to discuss an incident in which John confronted Howard at a recent charity event. Howard told the crew: “I heard John donated wine [to the cause/event]…and you do that for yourself…I’m an observant guy and I can tell [he had] a problem…[but] I took a picture [with him] and I was happy to do it.” John complained that the picture he took with Howard “was brief…I would have appreciated a smile in the picture.”

Howard explained that he took time out of his schedule to talk with John, and he was donating his celebrity (and the press attention that comes with it) to the charity, so he had a lot of people and reporters to talk to. John admitted that he “got lost in the moment.” Howard said John was a little more than “lost”: “You were in a rage. You were too anxious. I’ll tell you how to be a friend of mine: you lay back.”