Robin’s Fact-Finding Video Blog

March 23, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

HowardTV pulled up some clips from Robin’s video blog of her Guatemala trip, as Robin said she’d been shocked by how small and young looking the country’s 2nd-graders had been: “They were so malnourished, they don’t grow.”

In the clips, Robin filmed the foliage in her hotel’s courtyard–and her footwear: “You see that? Those are my Juicy sandals.”

When Robin turned the camera on a meal some Mayan women had prepared for her, Howard recoiled from the in-studio monitors: “I mean, look at that plate! The plate’s even filthy!”

Howard laughed: “The dysentery poor Robin must have. You’re shitting your brains out, I bet.”

Robin tried to explain: “The plate is not filthy. They do not clean the rim after they put soup in the bowl.”