How Lenny Bruce Lead to Anal for George Takei

"Star Trek" legend and Stern Show announcer opens up about his early dating days

April 1, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

George told the crew he’d once seen Lenny Bruce perform back in the 60’s–on a first date: “This was San Francisco.”

Lenny failed to impress George, but the date had offered up his backside so all was not lost: “It was after he sucked me.”

The guy didn’t even insist on a condom: “It was those days.”

Robin asked if George had even been with another Asian man, and George replied that he’d slept with men of every race except Indian.

Howard asked if the black men he’d slept with had large penises, and George said they did: “There’s an element of truth in every stereotype. I look for the truth.”