Howard’s Near-Conan Experience With Rupert Murdoch

April 7, 2010

Howard noted that News Corp chairman Rupert Murdoch had once offered him a late-night show on Fox, but he’d had difficulty understanding–due to Rupert’s accent–the details of the deal:

“And then he brought in his head of programming, who was also Australian. And him I couldn’t even understand.”

Howard said he remembered thinking: “I’m gonna go up against Johnny Carson. I’m the new guy in late night if I want it. It’s mine! They’re offering it to me.”

Howard said he considered the deal and decided he belonged on the radio, a medium he’s changed to his broadcasting style: “In 13 weeks they can destroy my entire career…what am I gonna stand there every night and do an f’ing monologue? That’s bullshit. Those stupid f’ing jokes? Instead of sitting here and keeping it real and doing my thing and talking off the top my head and making things make sense?”

The Problem With TV Executives

Howard came to his senses when he remembered how dumb and cowardly TV executives are: “I was just like, ‘What am I doing?’ And in 13 weeks they can fire me and say I’m the biggest piece of shit? What kind of career is that?”

Howard went on: “TV executives are f’ing retarded. Or autistic. I don’t know the difference. Whatever it is–whatever’s the most severe thing.”