Paris Remillard Doesn’t Look at Vaginas

May 4, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Last week, a guy claiming to be the actor Paris Remillard called in to talk about the nudity in the current Broadway production of ‘Hair,’ as Eric the Midget has referenced it on the show.

We later learned that last week’s caller was a fake, so this morning the real Paris Remillard called in to clear his name and to clarify the nudity in play : “It’s optional for everyone…it has been since its inception in 1967.”

Paris said he didn’t understand why Eric the Midget was so excited to see his co-star’s–former ‘American Idol’ contestant Diana DeGarmo–naughty bits: “It’s not meant to be titillating.”

Paris claimed he’d never taken a look at Diana when she disrobed on stage: “I know she gets naked but I’ve never seen her naked…it’s just that moment is so not about that.”

Howard doubted Paris’ claim, asking if he’d at least peeked at Diana’s bush, but Paris denied knowing whether Diana even had one: “No idea…I couldn’t tell ya…if people are so curious, just come and see the show.”