Willie Nelson Talks Weed, Celebrity Friends, & Family

Musician stops by the Stern Show studio ahead of his new album “Country Music”

May 4, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Willie Nelson Is a Weed Man

Willie Nelson stopped by to discuss his new album, “Country Music,” and in doing so explained to Howard why he was these days strictly a weed man:

“Alcohol was making me a mean guy,” Willie said. “We didn’t have [weed] when I was growing up. We had cigarettes, Bull Durham and whiskey.”

Willie said he’d recently taken steps to improve his puffing habits. “I’ve kind of switched over to the vaporizer,” he said. “Vaporizers are better for your lungs because you don’t inhale any heat and you don’t inhale any smoke.”

He also said smoking had become a way of life: “Some people smoke to get high. I smoke to get normal.”

Despite not smoking herself, Willie said his wife Annie doesn’t mind that Willie does. “I think I finally found someone who’ll put up with me,” he told Howard.

On Billy Bob Thornton

Willie also discussed his friend, actor and filmmaker Billy Bob Thornton.

“Billy Bob is a great actor. A great actor,” Willie said. “And he can act like he’s singing and it sounds pretty good. And he can act like he’s playing and it sounds pretty good. Because he has good musicians around him. He picks songs he can sing. But he’d be the first to tell you he’s no Sinatra.”

Willie added that his words probably applied himself as well. “Maybe a lot of people think I should stick to music and stay out of acting,” he said.

On Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson

Photo: PRPhotos

Willie also revealed he’s close friends with actor Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson.

“Owen and I are good buddies. And Woody Harrelson,” Willie explained. “The three of us are kind of like the Three Stooges. We hang out together over in Maui and play poker and dominos and chess.”

He went on to say their gatherings can evolve into quite the scene, too. “There’s been a few good looking women come through the door over there,” Willie added. “Owen or Owen’s brothers bring them by.”