Ralph Thinks Robin’s Tweets Suck

May 13, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

First the Tweets…

Howard started off the show by playing a clip from yesterday’s Wrap-Up Show in which Ralph attacked Robin’s Twitter feed:

“Her Twittering is awful. It just reeks of somebody who somebody latched a hold of and said, ‘You’ve got to get your name out there. It’s a way to report.’ She doesn’t understand what it is. She doesn’t know how to work it. She’s like, you know–she’s like a child in a Porsche. You know, driving, pedal to the metal, screaming all around.”

…Then the Diet

As the clip continued, Ralph segued into an attack on Robin’s new status as a diet pariah: “It’s ridiculous. Her tweets are the worst. They’re laughable. Robin’s just out of control. She’s rambling about the f’ing Constitution and food. And Gary, you’re right, it’s–I said, first of all, Tweets, like food, should be organic. They should just kind of come out of you…she’s late to the party and now she’s preaching.”

Ralph was obviously on a tear: “She’s like one of these drug addicts who is now a born-again Christian and is preaching to everybody. That’s what’s annoying about it that she doesn’t get. I don’t want to be preached to by her about food. And that’s why Howard doesn’t want to go to dinner and have her rattle on about it.”

Robin’s Response Goes Awry

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

At first, Robin laughed off Ralph’s comments: “I love that he’s incensed.”

But Howard seemed to take Ralph’s side: “You’ve angered a lot of people with it.”

Robin replied that her intent was never to preach to others–only to fight for her own rights: “Again, they think I want them to do something and I don’t care what you do.”

Howard was nonplussed by news that Robin was recently overheard mocking his diet: “Robin is new to all this. I’ve been eating healthy for years.”

Robin disagreed: “You don’t care what you eat. You don’t know where it comes from.”

Howard stopped her: “You are out of control. You are too obsessed. You’ve got to calm down with all this. You’re going to–you’re going to drive yourself nuts. Calm down over there. Stop worrying about everybody else.”