The Staff Takes a Look at JD’s Stripper

August 12, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

On Howard’s request, J.D. showed the crew a picture of his stripper friend–Howard promised they’d enjoy it: “She looks like a Paris Hilton. That good-looking…maybe even better than Paris Hilton.”

Robin almost didn’t believe the girl was real: “That’s the RealDoll. Get out of here! She looks like the RealDoll!”

Howard even asked for a second look: “Dear Lord. I can’t believe you’re banging that…send me this picture for jerking off purposes.”

Each member of the crew registered their approval as the picture was passed around the studio–George, like Robin, was struck by her almost-too-perfect look: “She does look like a mannequin.”

Benjy was equally impressed: “Completely lives up to hype. She’s really hot.”

Fred took one look and laughed: “Why are you here right now?”

Ralph’s evaluation surprised no one: “She’s very hot. Nice big fake tits.”