Having Twins = No Video Games

Jerry didn't want to bring his twin girls to Howard's house.

August 19, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Jerry said he also didn’t want to bring his twin girls over to Howard’s house: “We don’t have help in terms of a nanny.” Howard said the kids could stay with Jerry’s parents in Montauk, so Jerry came up with another excuse: “I’m also trying to do you a favor by not having Rebecca hang around with Beth and talk about babies all the time.” Howard dismissed the argument: “If Beth wants a baby, she’ll come talk to me about it! She doesn’t want a baby!” Jerry laughed: “And thank God. Keep it that way. Cause they are–it ruins everything. These kids are crazy.” Jerry said he did enjoy having kids on some level: “There are parts that are really great. They’re super cute kids.” But he’s had to give up his old relaxation techniques, like video games: “Relaxing to me now is sitting in my car and listening to a good old-fashioned Sybian ride.” Jerry quickly regretted his comments, stopping himself at one point: “It’s not even the terrible twos. It’s the whole horrific–God, get me out of this, please.” Howard laughed that Jerry must be in hell, and Jerry laughed: “Of course I am.”