Rachel Fine, Award-Winning Bonus

Rachel Fine stops by to promote 'The Bonus Show'

Rachel Fine stopped by to promote HowardTV's 'The Bonus Show,' and Howard congratulated her and her 'Bonus Show' co-host, Jon Hein, for their recent Telly Award.

Howard said HowardTV executive producer Doug Goodstein must be in love with Rachel, as he's been pressuring Gary to book her on the show--Doug denied it: "I'm not in love with her. Steve Brandano is."

But Is She Banging Richie Wilson?

Rachel Fine and Richie WilsonRachel Fine and Richie WilsonPhoto: The Howard Stern Show

said she was actually involved with HowardTV associate producer Richie Wilson, but couldn't say if they were together: "We were together for 2 years. We've been on and off. I never know how to answer that question. We're taking a break right now but I never say never with him."

Howard said it was clear to him: "The word is Richie will beat your ass into the ground if you mess around with her."

Richie came in to say he was "very grateful" to have had the privilege of dating Rachel and would like to make it official: "I would marry her tomorrow."

Rachel said their most recent break-up was actually Richie's idea: "He wanted to take a break and focus on him a little bit."

Before she left, Rachel said she wouldn't allow Richie back into her bed until he made good on "a commitment--to some extent."