The Staff Takes a Look at JD's Stripper

On Howard's request, J.D. showed the crew a picture of his stripper friend--Howard promised they'd enjoy it: "She looks like a Paris Hilton. That good-looking...maybe even better than Paris Hilton."

Robin almost didn't believe the girl was real: "That's the RealDoll. Get out of here! She looks like the RealDoll!"

Howard even asked for a second look: "Dear Lord. I can't believe you're banging that...send me this picture for jerking off purposes."

Each member of the crew registered their approval as the picture was passed around the studio--George, like Robin, was struck by her almost-too-perfect look: "She does look like a mannequin."

Benjy was equally impressed: "Completely lives up to hype. She's really hot."

Fred took one look and laughed: "Why are you here right now?"

Ralph's evaluation surprised no one: "She's very hot. Nice big fake tits."