Riley Martin Says Tim Sabean Ruined Christmas

Wack Packer calls in to say Howard's program director is underpaying him

January 3, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Riley Martin called in to complain about his salary, but Howard cut him off: “Maybe it’s time to leave…the idea of giving you a show was a bit of a goof. Let me be honest with you.”

Riley didn’t want to hear it, saying Howard–nor his “shiksa old lady”–could possibly understand his plight: “Are you going to explain to me why my grandkids didn’t get any presents?”

Riley explained that he had gotten a call from Tim Sabean before the holidays, telling him that because of the History of Howard Stern replays, he would not be needed for the last two weeks of the year…nor would be be paid for those two weeks.

Howard stayed calm, telling Riley his weekly show was only ever meant to supplement his income: “I feel you are getting paid what you’re worth…it was never meant to be a job.”

Riley continued to pepper his attacks with bigoted language (“You have something here and you are shitting on it like you do with your cheap house servants.”), so Howard eventually gave up: “You’re an anti-Semitic fool.”