Celebrity Superfan Christa Miller Stops By

"Cougar Town" actress talks about her love for the Stern Show

April 13, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Actress and superfan Christa Miller stopped by to talk about the latest season of her hit series “Cougar Town” and her lifelong love of the Stern Show. She told Howard she’s been listening to the show since she was 15 as her mom was also an avid listener. She had a favorite cast member, too.

“I love Fred,” Christa revealed.

Howard was puzzled. “Why does everybody love Fred? What does he really do? Explain it to me,” he joked.

Christa said she also had a least favorite staffer: Steve Brandano. She’d been confused by Steve’s bizarre claim he can’t visit bars without being beset by “cougars.” “That was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard,” she said.

At one point during the interview, Christa revealed she’d first bonded with her husband—”Cougar Town” and “Scrubs” creator Bill Lawrence—over their love for the Stern Show. “You’re responsible for all [of] my happy, great life,” she told Howard.


“Cougar Town” actress Courteney Cox recently enjoyed a “platonic” vacation with her and Christa’s co-star Josh Hopkins, according to reports. Howard wondered if his guest had the inside scoop on that story.

Christa admitted she had discussed it with Courteney. “This is what she told me from that trip to St. Barts. That ‘Josh could not get laid.’ That it was a very dry trip for him, and it was the worst trip [for him] because he couldn’t get laid,” Christa said.

Howard wondered how anyone could believe that Josh was trying to bang anyone but Courteney. “Why is everybody so naive?” he laughed.


Christa said she hadn’t been a fan of Twitter until Howard signed up, but now she’s a devoted convert. During a “Twitter war” with her husband, however, Bill publicly revealed that he and Christa just had “old-school” sex, and now the world was desperate to know what he’d meant.

“It was just a thing we did,” Christa demurred.

Actor David Arquette, ex-husband of Christa’s “Cougar Town” co-star Courteney Cox, who was also in the studio on Wednesday, tried guessing at the meaning. “Maybe like when you first got together–like hot, crazy sex?” he asked.

Christa nodded. “When we first met, we did a shower situation and we did it. It was a thing,” she said, explaining the couple have continued to experiment since then. “All of our friends that have been married, we’ve had sex at their weddings.”

Howard had to know more, so Christa shared a few additional details. She said she and Bill once hooked up at Mariska Hargitay’s wedding. “They had Porta Potties, so we snuck into the house to use one of the bathrooms,” Christa said. “He sits on the toilet and then I sit on him.”

Howard was impressed. “Will you and Bill stay together forever, you think?” he asked.

“Yes. He’s the love of my life,” Christa responded.

“Must be nice,” David added.