Joan Rivers Gets Controversial

July 28, 2014

Comedy legend and Stern Show fixture Joan Rivers stopped by this morning and Howard asked her about each of her three latest controversial moves: storming out of a CNN interview, trash talking fellow comedic legend Jerry Lewis, and making statements to TMZ firmly backing Israel.

JOAN VS. CNN – During a recent CNN interview to promote her new book ‘Diary of a Mad Diva’, Joan felt that the whole conversation was ‘accusatory’. Joan wanted to tell the interviewer, ‘Sweetheart, it’s a funny book.’

Finally, after questions about her penchant for wearing fur, she’d had enough and stormed out. When she met up with her entourage, she expected to commiserate with them, but they hadn’t been listening to a word of it and had no idea she’d just stormed off national TV.

JOAN VS. JERRY – Jerry Lewis made comments to Maria Menounos at a SiriusXM Town Hall that Joan was the only person whose death would make him happy. According to Jerry, Joan set Jews back 1,000 years. At one point, Joan had allegedly said something about Jerry’s son and he wrote her a letter promising to ‘get somebody from Chicago to beat your goddamned head off’.

Howard pointed out that in the clip, Jerry was finally getting laughs. That’s why he’s pausing , Joan said, he doesn’t know what the sound is.

Joan dismissed Jerry’s threat and said she once did his Muscular Dystrophy Telethon and he brought this kid up onstage and announced that the kid was going to die. Joan was so disgusted that she never did the telethon again.

JOAN VS. PALESTINE – Joan was interviewed by TMZ outside an airport and they were curious to know her thoughts on the conflict in the Middle East. Joan likened it to New Jersey lobbing bombs at New York and expressed her outrage that Palestine is digging tunnels and libbing bombs at private houses.

Joan alleged that there is anti-semitism everywhere and that accounts for the anti-Israel sentiment in this country. ‘We didn’t kill Jesus,’ she cried. People should be going after the Romans.

JOAN VS. JOAN – While expressing her desire for a late night show, Joan actually teared up when talking about her legendary failed Fox show. You probably remember from Joan’s many appearances that the show’s failure contributed to the suicide of her husband Edgar. Joan and Edgar’s daughter, Melissa, was so distraught after her father’s death that she stopped talking to Joan and felt that her mother could have done something to save her father.

Joan found herself on her bed in her LA house with a gun in her lap, ready to end it all. Thankfully, her little dog jumped up and say on top of the gun, and Joan decided not to do it. Who would take care of her dog?

Don’t forget to pick up Joan’s new smash hit book ‘Diary of Mad Diva’, available everywhere.