Scott Salem Doesn’t Want to Pay His Fantasy Football Dues

Jason Kaplan tells Howard that the show's engineer hasn't paid the $100 league dues

December 2, 2014
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Scott Salem – the most famous audio engineer in the world and the biggest sad sack alive – gets very little pleasure from his job. The one bright spot in his black cloud and cigarette smoke filled existence here is that he enjoys being part of the Stern Show Fantasy Football League.

Apparently, however, he doesn’t enjoy the part where you have to pay up so that there’s a pot for the winner to win.

Stern Show Senior Producer (and Fantasy League Commish) Jason Kaplan ratted Scott right out to Howard (imagine that!).

Scott came in with the $100 he owed and tried to defend himself by saying that he kept forgetting, but nobody was buying it. Jason said he stood in the hall and talked to him about Fantasy Football just this morning and – since he evidently had ample cash in hand – he didn’t understand why Scott didn’t pay his league dues.

Gary Dell’Abate pointed out that this is not the only time where Scott is tight-fisted with money. While most staffers put enough breakfast money in their envelope to cover a week or two of food, Scott is the only one who insists on paying the intern for each individual meal each morning. He doesn’t trust them with ‘extra’ money.

Either he’s constantly trying to pull one over on everybody, or maybe the man who once left $500 in cash on the roof of his car after a DJ gig is just being too cautious.