Show Rundown: Tuesday June 2, 2015

Meeting Mrs. Duvall and more!

June 2, 2015


Photo: The Howard Stern Show

The greatest actor in the world, Robert Duvall has been on the show a few times – and he’s always incredibly entertaining – be we had yet to meet his beautiful younger (41 years younger!) wife, Luciana, until this morning.

The Argentinian actress and director married the film icon in 2005- and since then, they’ve fallen in love with a healthy amount of tango dancing and activity – it keeps Robert young. They also work together frequently, most recently in their movie ‘Wild Horses’.

Naturally, when Bobby D is in the studio, it’s a free-for all.

In fact, Mr. D is so opinionated and forthright that Howard just started naming people and things to get his immediate reaction. Hear Robert’s thoughts on Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Lindsay Lohan, Leonardo DiCaprio, The Rock, John Stamos, George Clooney, Anjelica Houston, ISIS and much more!

Robert recounted a very odd incident when he and fellow movie icon Dustin Hoffman were roommates. He found

Dustin out of it on the staircase and had to get him to a hospital. We’re all thankful that Dustin was okay.

And, of course, Howard talked to Robert about his recent Oscar-nominated performance in ‘The Judge’, which everyone on the show loved.


At the top of the show this morning, America was abuzz as (a man claiming to be) former president Bill Clinton called in to mix it up with Howard on the air. The conversation went something like this:

HOWARD: I hear you’ve been implicated in another scandal.

BILL: I sure wish there was something we could do to help out our old friend George Stephanopoulos.

HOWARD: Why don’t you just give him back the $75,000 he donated to your foundation?

BILL: Ha! Good one! You are a funny motherf*cker! By the way, I was on that Amtrak train that crashed.

HOWARD: Really?

BILL: I flipped over so many times, I wound up on top of Hillary. It was terrifying.

HOWARD: How are things between you and Hillary?

BILL: On our anniversary we made love. But keep that secret: I don’t want my girlfriends finding out I’m seeing my wife.

HOWARD: So you’re still intimate with Hillary?

BILL: I have sex with Hillary the same way Beth does with you: Take a hand full of Ambien and pretend it’s a dream.

HOWARD: Are you excited about your wife running for president?

BILL: Yes, I am and I am also a big porn freak like JD- -I really get off watching strangers give each other AIDS.

HOWARD: Many critics say that Hillary has no vision.

BILL: I also have no vision –you ever see some of those chicks I’ve boned? Ga-ross!

Thank you Mr. President! What a morning!