Jeff the Periscoping Drunk

Wack Packer proves he is a born showman

August 31, 2015
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Jeff the Drunk was busy on Periscope over the weened (and even this morning as he talked on the phone to Howard). Being a born showman, Jeff came up with a classic catchphrase – along the lines of Hank Kingsley’s ‘Hey now’ and Ed McMahon’s ‘Hiyooo!’

What is Jeff’s catchphrase?


It’s like an awful-sounding, loud, drawn-out version of ‘Hello!’

Jeff even asked Howard if he could print up ‘Chello’ t-shirts to meet the public’s demand.

Like many wack packers before him (in a move actually innovated by the late Eric the Actor), Jeff opened his own Amazon Wish List. While there are big ticket items like a flatscreen TV, there are smaller finds like $7 worth of Crisco.

Amazingly, several of the items on his last have actually been purchased for him by fans (or ‘Little Bitches’, as Jeff calls them). These include an Xbox, a cutting board, a toaster,

Jeff even has his very own official website now, where you can view his recipe for meatloaf (mmmm!) and his Amazon Wish List.